5 Daily Habits to Attract More Abundance and Joy in Your Everyday Life


Want more from life? Start counting your blessings.

One of my biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past years is how a simple act of gratitude can positively change my life. We don’t always get what we want in life, but we always get what we need. By a simple act of counting my blessing, it has opens up so much more blessings pouring into all areas of my life, sometimes more than what I asked for.

We meet people everyday. And if you were to ask what they would like more in life, many would tell you they want more money, love, time and even opportunities. But many forget how blessed we are. And all these things they wanted can be translated into one simple word – ABUNDANCE.

To get more abundance in life, we first have to appreciate what life has to offer. Appreciation is one of the highest emotional states one can experience. Despite having people to complain not having enough daily, the very fact is we are all living in an abundant world. So, what’s blocking it? and how can we allow more abundance to flow into our life?

The good news is, we can allow this flow simply by strengthening our abundant muscle in re-learning and practicing it. Here, I share 5 simple daily habit you can cultivate each day to attract more abundance in your life:

1. Give Thanks as soon as you wake up

It is a blessing to wake up every morning and still breathing. Starting your day by expressing thanks and gratitude naturally set the pace for the day in having a good mood and positive thoughts.

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2. Give Thanks to the food you eat

We all know it, there are many people in the world without enough food to survive, and they would be so thankful if they even get to have a meal a day. Meals can act as a reminder for all of us how lucky we are to have enough to eat. So before your every meal, say a little prayer or just a simple thank you for all the food you are going to have. Believe it or not, the food taste even better during the meal!

3. Start a Gratitude Journal

Believe it or not, writing down your positive experience can have many tangible benefits. When you write, not only your brain relieves that good feeling, the process also helps the brain to rewire itself for more positive appreciative connection, which will send signal to the universe deliver more abundance into your life!

4. Pick at least 3 people to thank for everyday!

People love to feel acknowledged and appreciated. By making a conscious effort telling them how much you appreciate them, it creates a positive flow of energy, making both party feel good and even uplift their personal self-worth! It’s a Win-Win !


5. Appreciate yourself

It’s not just about acknowledging and appreciating the people around you. YOU ARE IMPORTANT too! So give yourself a pat on the back and start acknowledging every little or big successes you did along the way. And in case you are wondering, you can also appreciate your OWN positive qualities too!

There are many other ways people appreciate things and people in life too. These are just 5 simple daily habits to strengthen your abundant muscle! If you have others ways you been practicing and would love to share, do drop a comment/feedback below. 🙂

Remember, GRATITUDE attracts more good things to be grateful for!