Back to Basic

One of the throwback post in Sept 2010… where i was on my new chapter in life..


Extremely hard hearted to leave… and in case you are wondering and been following, many chapters of my life closed since I last wrote. Blogged but didn’t post. As for this round, another chapter seems to close. Meeting old friends, catching up and saying goodbye for the 2nd time. Been hard hearted to leave and yet…

I’ve learned people in our life come and go easily. Some may decide to stay a while longer, while some leave sooner than expected. At the end of the day, whether both kept in touch, it’s whole different story. Whether you are aware or not, they are meant to be there in our life – teaching us a lesson, giving us support in one way or another, or some may find some irritatingly annoying in their life. Though it will all become memories, at the end of the day, it’s a lesson to learn.

Even so, some feelings decides to linger for a longer period, while some faded easily in a shorter time. Like making a short stopover and saying “hi” and “bye”. However it may be, the experience is different every time or you may find similarity after all. Come to think of it, in fact many things come and go easily. For me in my humble opinion,it’s still the same old lesson, learning self, how we love ourselves, how we interact and treat people , learning how to be ourselves and not living to the society’s expectation and simply being you for who you are.

Life is really wonderful. Full of surprises and you’d have no idea what comes next. This reminds me of Forrest Gump… “Life is like a box of chocolates, you’d never know what you gonna get.”. Indeed it is for me especially when I started to let go and just flow – really flow this round. And when there isn’t much or no expectations of how things should or would be in my life, and I just let it go wild and free, life becomes so much simpler. It’s like back to basic…where little things in life becomes significantly filled with so much joy. Life is indeed wonderful…. filled with surprises, joy and wonders.

As for my friends that I miss dearly, I am sure you guys would be the same. Living with lots of joy and happiness. And when the right time comes, we will meet again – for sure. You can bet on that cos we’re all connected in everyway. Love you guys.. 🙂