Connection With Mother Nature


As I look back beyond the start of a new journey where my intuition leads, I ended up working in the vineyards. No easy work yet I get further in touch with the abundance of nature. Bringing me back to the ‘timeless’ moment of just myself and the nature.

Though it’s winter cold frost in the morning, as the day become brighter, the different changing color tones of the sky, you just know the promising beautiful day is just ahead. The welcoming sun warms up and lighted the whole vineyard slowly, beautifully, so quiet and just be. Sometimes you hear morning greetings of the birds. I found myself falling further in love with the nature more and more each day.

Despite the hard work (though sometimes can really be rough), the teaching of mindfulness appears, growing deeper within, the connection with self grew stronger each day. Messages became clearer and clearer. And wonderfully the answers that I was seeking is answered. Not long after, I knew it’s time to move on collecting other pieces to complete my ‘puzzle’.

No matter what I have gone through in the vineyards – deep cutting wounds on my fingers, sore palms, numb arms, it’s all worth it in exchange for my answers, and back to the connection with the beautiful abundance of nature that always takes my breath away.

June 28, 2010