Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day once again. It’s a day to celebrate the beautiful soul that was brought on earth, our mom. I do believe we should not only show our love and care on this very special day. I believe it’s an every day thing, showing love and care for this very special person in our life.

I could flash back all the memories and moments i had with my mom. I am not the best in expressing through my words. Or perhaps we were brought up the ‘Asian’ ways where Love isn’t express freely to our parents. Saying I LOVE YOU seems to be the hardest words to speak out from our mouth. We usually showed our love through actions, little or a lot; like Cooking for them, asking them how was their day, helping out the house chores, sitting down accompanying them watching TV, have a cuppa tea with them..etc. These are just some things we do.. And I remember once, when I express I LOVE YOU to them, they felt very odd and they asked me back, “is there something wrong?”. I told them nothing wrong, just expressing my love for you and my parents were still in disbelieve. Like i said, it wasn’t our ‘normal’ practice to say “I LOVE YOU”, Well not in my family anyway. Everyone have their own way of expressing their love and ours is through action.

In any case, I would still like to express my gratitude and love to my greatest mom this beautiful day. My mom has been the most angelic being I’ve ever know. Her kindness. Her open-heartednes, her open mindedness, her love, her care, well her everything in her being exudes love. I am so very blessed to be your daughter. I am sorry to have hurt you and i bet I had brought pain to you in many ways since I was a child. It wasn’t my intentions and I am very thankful for your forgiveness in any way especially my stubbornness.

Thank you for supporting me in whatever I chose to do, though you may or may not agree with it. Thank you for doing your very best to understand me. Thank you for always being there physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for me. Your love is felt every way. You are my greatest gift… my greatest blessing. I LOVE YOU MOM.

Here’s a photo of me celebrating my 1 year old birthday in my mom’s arm. Yes, I am still botak* but cute! 😛   Next is Ok, she’s gonna kill me when she see this old photo of her! HAHA!

*botak means bald in malay