Home at Heart


Sitting at the lounge, admiring the rain drops outside the windows. Love the smells of the rain, the sounds of the rain drops, the feelings of rain drops on my face refreshes my soul. Love the rain as much as I love the sunshine and there I found another realization….

For the last one or two weeks, I was feeling uneasy with another big city as I wanted to spend more time in the small little town to do my reflections and enjoying the moments of peace in a quiet place.

It was until yesterday, I was sitting in the library, reflecting and looking outside the windows, when I had a realizations that is so significant which opens up my thoughts. I realized I haven’t been looking at the big picture and was caught up in the small insignificant.

Having to realize, as long as I am comfortable with myself, it no longer matter where I am; be it in the big city, small town or any where that is totally out of the way. The view of different perspectives of things, looking now at the big picture changes everything.

And there I found my peaceful self once again, because I know, being in my comfort self, no matter where I am, I am already HOME.

Aug 8, 2010