Love Is Simple


I was on my way back from dinner, while all the train services seems to stop and was asked to shift to bus services…
I find my way to the stop, waiting for my ride.. it was almost midnight..

As I board the bus and sat down, the girl who’s beside, tears started flowing down her cheeks, no matter how much she tries to contain her tears. She was heart broken. Perhaps at this very minute as I am typing, there are many more broken hearted somewhere around the world… yet at the same time, I see love all around, in every direction I turn.

Love doesn’t stops right there and then when you lost someone whom you believe they are the love of your life… Love does not extend only to your partner but everyone and everything else beside you – even to the stranger whom you just met.

Love is a big word, and yet many use it without giving much thoughts about the real meaning behind. Maybe you are questioning, what do you know about love? And yes, everyone have their own definition of love. Instead of asking me, why not ask yourself, what’s your definition? Why not give yourself a chance to have a deeper thoughts and understanding on this very term?

To me, Love is simple and it simply started from self. Though so, many mistaken Love for it’s simplicity and started looking for love high and low, far and wide, and many ended up heart broken while all there is, it is within self. You are Love.

Why not make it simple? By simply start loving yourself. Even if it meant to be selfish for a start. The more you love yourself, the more love overflows through you. The more love will come to you without much effort, because You are Love yourself.

Don’t discount yourself with the lack of love. Instead, Love everything about yourself, every part of you, every thought of you. Stop all the torture, and love yourself right now, starting from this very min, this very second. And when you are ready to give and accept love, love unconditionally and not for any reasons of getting something in return.

Love is Simple.
Love is all around, and it has always been within you..
the question is, when are you allowing it to flow through you?

Love and Light for all
CRC – June 14, 2010