Moov Now Review

MOOV NOW Review :   Your Wrist Personal Trainer

Moov Now



  • super light, small and very comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Voice guide coaching – keeps you on track so you perform better during workout
  • Ability to track sleep, calories burned and active minutes
  • 6-month battery life


  • Not a great all-day activity tracker. You need to have a smartphone with you all the time with Bluetooth on constantly (which is battery consuming) in order to be able to keep track and provides you coaching feedback, hence you need to ensure the Moov Now device is within range with your phone
  • The possibilities of connection and disconnecting of bluetooth can be very frequent.
  • The syncing process is a hassle

Around early August this year, I saw this fitness product online when my friend posted it up, where she just bought it. It hasn’t been launched but there is a pre-order going on then. From the video advs, the product seems amazing for the price it offered. Hence I decided to get a pair to check it out myself.

On Nov 5th, 2015, Moov Now arrived at my door step. I started wearing the Moov for the last 2 weeks, here is my honest review on this fitness product based on my personal usage.

What is it ?

Moov Now is an activity tracker, where it helps to give you active coaching feedback during your workout as well as keep tracks of your sleep at night, calories burned through the day and your active minutes. It uses a 3D motion sensor technology to track and analyses the activity and are designed for running, cycling, swimming and boxing.

The Box, Design and Features

Moov Now comes in few different color options – Fusion Red, Aqua Blue, Blizzard White and Stealth Black. Here’s how the box look like when I got it. I got mine in Aqua Blue.


In the box, it comes with :

  • 1 Moov Now Core + Battery
  • 2 bands (small and large)
  • 1 User Manual

The user manual is an extremely simple user guide. I found a plastic found at the back of the booklet, which I have no idea what is it until I google and found on youtube what is it for. My friend was asking the same question when she got hers, as it wasn’t mentioned on the changing battery page. Perhaps the manual can be a little bit more detailed or at least includes the link which leads to the usage.

Design and features:


Personally I like the design and looks. It is very sleek and light, and the silicon strap is very comfortable, as it is really soft, which makes you feel you are not wearing the Moov Now itself. In the box, it came with two strap size, which you can choose to see which is more suitable for the activity you are training for. For running and cycling, it’s the ankle, which for swimming, boxing and interval training, it usually use on the wrist.


The round tracker (the core) sits inside the hole strap, and so far from my usage , I have no issue of it falling out.

Moov tracker

The core uses a watch battery CR2032 coin cell rather than the normal rechargeable lithium battery. It offers a battery life of six months. You can get the CR2032 battery pretty cheap online or from the shop. As mentioned earlier, in order to remove the battery you need to locate a clear plastic found at the back of the booklet (as below):

Moov battery opener

Moov Now : Activity Tracking – Apps and Sync

To track the activity you can download the Moov app for IOS and Android. I only get to test out the Android as that is the phone I am using now.

As Moov tracks activity in the day and record your active minutes of the day and sleep at night. Personally I find it a little disappointing on the sleep tracking as it doesn’t provide you lots of information eg. detailed information on sleep (deep, light or REM).

As what I know, running and cycling provides the most coaching, while swimming and boxing sessions can only be track and reported after training.

There is a 7min+ workout pre-designed sets of workout where you can follow, and it increases from level to level. It doesn’t require any equipments to complete the training other than you Phone and Moov. It gets more interesting as you level up. For every workout, it comes with a video demo on how it is done, which would be a big plus point for beginners.

My Unfortunate Encounter

For my usage for far, I have to say it is a pain in the ass. First of all, I couldn’t get it sync to my heart rate monitor. And while most trackers provides automatic sync to your phone but Moov requires you to do a few steps before it can really get sync especially to track your sleep. For workout, although they seems to be sync automatically (providing you the coaching feedback), but after every workout, you need to press sync to get the information loaded. As it required Bluetooth connection all the time, you make sure your phone is fully charged all the time, else your phone battery may died off very fast.

One of the biggest problem I faced during my first usage with Moov Now is the bluetooth kept connecting and disconnecting every few seconds (yes every few seconds!). I restarted the bluetooth yet the same thing happen again and again. This really frustrates me. I made sure my bluetooth isn’t connecting to anything else other than my Moov Now, making sure the bluetooth is up to date, and even I stopped all other apps that is running at the background, yet the results is still the same. After a few times, the connection seems gotten better but still happened intermittently.

To give Moov Now a fairer review, I decided to test it out the next time for running, which seems to gain the most positive feedback from people.

Running with Moov Now

As it was a rainy day these days, I had choose to go for an indoor treadmill run.


There are a couple of options from the apps you can pick from which can improve on Running Efficiency, Speed Endurance, Brisk Walking, Sprint Intervals and Open training.

As soon as I chose my option, I paired it the devices up and start my run. As soon as you started, the voice coach will do a little bit of explanations and start give you coaching from time to time, how you can improve your run and do better.


As I was on a treadmill, I put the coaching on from my speaker’s phone (you can use a pair of headphones). Just after about 1min of running, the same issue of connecting-disconnecting Bluetooth happened again. It kept telling me the Moov Now device has been disconnected, but it will search again and reconnect itself again after a couple of seconds… this issue kept going on until I am about 10min of my run, and finally the bluetooth connection with Moov Now has been totally disconnected. It asked me to press on the device for reconnection again. Just imagine, you are on your run, warm-up and on momentum, would you really stop just to press on the device just to get reconnection again? This really frustrates me. If I have to keep stopping and pressing to get connected, why would I need it in the first place? It would be disrupting my training instead of helping, don’t you think? I did try to stop and give it another go, same thing happened. In the end I just kept running until my run is done. I had to off the Moov Now apps , becos if not, it just kept repeating to reactivate my bluetooth connection with the device.

In any case, after my run, I tried to sync the data which was collected earlier in the first 15min of the run, however, to my disappointment, I can’t even sync the information over to my phone despite I try so many ways – restart bluetooth, and even the whole phone itself.   In the end none of my data for the run was successfully sync. With this I can’t even see and access to the post workout data. Moreover, I doubted the data would be accurate due to the intermittent connection and disconnection to the device. I had sync the information previously and it was no problem, but for this time, it just doesn’t budge.

I can’t give any review on Swimming, Cycling and Boxing as the apps had already been giving me so much problem on connection and disconnection. As I have checked with a friend of mine, she said there isn’t seems to be any problem so far on her first swim with Moov Now. Let’s hope she will not encounter the same issue as I did.

I would really like to give my positive review and feedback on this, but with my experience so far, it has been such a bummer and pain in the ass to use it. Moov Now may, however be good and useful for IOS users (make sure you have an up to date version) and for fitness beginner which needed some coaching feedback. As an active fitness person like me, I may not be the target audience.


Please do understand this is based on my personal experience, and so far the issue I faced had been pretty negative. I have friends who bought it as well and some give positive feedback while some do not. You my want to try it out or read more of other review who had used it, before really decide if this is for you. Or if you are not sure, you can still purchase Moov Now to try it out, as they are giving a 30 days return guarantee.

As conclusion, Moov Now may appeal to beginners but not to those who is experience in fitness or long-time athletes. It provides a good coaching, so for beginner are able to understand better to get into a better form during workout.

However, if you are an experience in fitness, and are looking for something to give you an extra motivation, Moov Now may be an option to consider, plus it doesn’t cost a fortune.
If the company could fix the existing problem, like those I faced, perhaps I could give a better review and enthusiastic review and recommendation.

If you would like to get yourself one to test out it, do check out the links below, the latest as well as the previous version of Moov.