Respect Others Journey

Mind Your Own Biz... Respect Other's Journey ;p
Mind Your Own Biz… Respect Other’s Journey ;p

One of the greatest gift we can offer to people around us is to respect their journey of life. Often times, you meet people where their actions seems to have affected you leaving you feeling angry, annoyed, disappointed and perhaps some other negative emotions that are boiling inside.

The importance is not to dwell in the emotions, but to dissolves it and let it go completely. Every actions and behavior of that person is a lesson s/he needs to learn, and the same goes to you. A lesson for you to learn and to move on.

It’s all part of the life-phases that each person goes through – to learn about themselves. Instead of getting affected by their action, why not just simply let it go by respecting their action and their journey. Focus not on their journey but your own to start with. The more you respect yourself, the more the other respect you.

Aug 7, 2010