The Sands of Life


As I am looking out of the window, listening to a soft song, my thoughts start to flow with words. It’s been some time since that happened where it had made me so devastated and lost once, yet that is where I found myself fully and completely.

A journey walked so far, rediscovering myself more and more each day every day. Though at times, I still find it challenging as I go along, I still find fulfillment in each learning and steps I take. Allowing my feelings be my guide. And the guiding voices of angels that is sounding so loudly in my ears.

Looking at my own projections, my own reflections of what I needed to know and learn from. I am still seeking an answer somehow someway or another, where it would lead me to a further ,deeper level of understanding and knowing. As for now, it is to complete what I needed to complete and trusting my intuition leading me to the right path as it has always been, and showing me the ‘checkpoints’ in my life.

Just like today, a sunny day on the beach.

As I sat down on the sandy beach,, listening to the sea breeze, the quietness within knew this is just right. I started looking around, the people enjoying themselves despite the earthquake that had happen few day ago, the doggies enjoying their time on the beach while, a very good friend enjoying his swim in the icy cold sea water which he have been waiting for so long – looking so happy and cheerful.

As all of these are happening around, I started to notice the wind blow so strongly, sweeping off the fine sandy beach – just like the wind blowing the in desert, where it covers the smiley face I drew on the sands so quickly gone, receded.

Admiring the sands being blown away, I wonder, perhaps our life can be as simple as the sands – without much worry and just waiting for the wind to brings them to the next destination, just like us can be as easy by just flowing with whatever that will comes along in our lives.

And when it’s time for us to stop, we stop and learn what we needed to learn before going on further to our lives, like the sea water or perhaps the rain wetting the sands, which is when the sands becomes heavy and on a stand still at that point, waiting to be dried and allowing the winds to bring them to a new destination again. Life can just be so simple… and I became part of the sands.

I really enjoyed my time at the beach, the quietness, the laughter, the time spent, the everything. Thank you for the wonderful company. You taught me a new perspective of life.

Sept 6, 2010